Day to day security you can apply to make your home less attractive to burglars

There are simply things you can do, without having to have all your locks changed with the help of a good Manchester locksmith. All you need is common sense and a couple of these below tips, to make your home less attractive for burglars and only a short amount of money.

Common security precautions

If you do the normal security precautions on a daily basis, you are already bringing the chances down for your house or home to get robbed. Here is some key things which must be on your daily To Do List:

  • Lock your doors: use all security locks, any additional alarm systems you have and teach the family to do the same. Walk around before you leave, ensure all the lights are turned off, every electronic appliances are turned off.
  • Lock your windows: all the windows should be locked. If this causes issues with the air ventilation, you will need to call a professional to help your home get a healthy ventilation even with closed windows. Do not leave any window open not even a little bit.
  • Mind your backyard: keep your back entrance well locked. It’s wise to use at least an additional classic horizontal latch in here. Backyard outside doors should be well locked and the entrance cleared, to avoid anyone being able to climb through with the help of climbing somewhere.
  • Get burglar deterring hedges: there are so many lovely hedges, which come with inch long thorns which would surely keep everyone away
  • Hide your valuables: of course you cannot hide television sets. But you can hide all else, which burglars want the most: money, jewelry, antiques etc. Do not use safe boxes and do not keep them at places which are all too common (underwear drawers are one of the main places burglars would start their search) think of places which are so generic noone would ever think to use them. We would keep you use safes, even when bolted in the ground unless you literally have gold nuggets to keep under lock. Remember, so many paintings and sketches worth millions were found hidden behind generic paintings. Noone would ever thought they hide anything more.
  • Shades and curtains Unlike in the movies, most of the burglaries are opportunistic acts which happen daytime during the working hours, when most people are not at home. Therefore the two key motivations include the opportunity (how easy it is to break in a particular home) and information on what’s inside. Burglars want a quick job that’s why it’s much better to ensure noone can take a look at your home from the outside. This way, the temptation to break in is way less.

Keep these normal precautions and you will be instantly less likely to get robbed. Most burglary is an opportunistic act due to windows or even doors being left open. Once you ensure all is properly locked, your home will instantly become a much safer place.