How to surely know if a locksmith service is a Rogue Trader?

Rogue trader basically is just another word used for those posing as professionals yet who are in real just scams doing a very bad job often for quite a lot of money. These "locksmiths" unfortunately often pose as family friends and especially in smaller areas they are obligating many people to only call them in case a lock requires a change. Now, it’s time to move forward and learn to differentiate between good and bad locksmith services in Bournemouth.

Unreliable services

If a locksmith doesn’t come out on time, fails to call you back, whose prices are always changing and you are not sure to ever count on them means they are not a quality locksmith service. Those who says they provide emergency locksmith services yet will not show up within a short timeframe surely don’t meet the standards of a real good locksmith service.

Works for high prices and always changes prices

Most scam locksmith will work for prices higher than the average, but would still pretend they are cheaper than the rest. There are two key types of scam locksmiths: the ones who move from town to town and the other who is a family friend who is said to know how to do locksmith jobs and noone dares to complain if these go wrong.

Presents no paperwork with the locks neither an invoice

Locks do need to have their paperwork, for the warranty and oftentimes for the ability to have them copied. The same goes for all the work done: a proper company needs to issue an invoice and hand it over to you. If this is not done, then the service cannot be regarded as a proper service. Insurance companies would also not pay in lack of invoice. Paperwork also needs to prove the type of the lock and should let you know if the lock is BS compliant and compliant with the requirements of insurance companies and local fire safety or not.

Who doesn’t have any certification

Although unfortunately locksmith services are not regulated by the UK government, locksmiths still need to hold a certification proving their training. The best Bournemouth locksmiths can prove you that they are also MLA approved, which is a great deal in the world of locksmiths as one company needs to suit tons of professional expectations in order to become MLA approved that’s the trademark of a real good locksmith service in Bournemouth.

Who does an awful job when installing a new lock and provides no guarantee for his work

Most of us are not all that familiar to see when a lock is badly installed but there are some giveaway signs even the untrained eyes will see: if a lock is clearly too long for a door and half of the lock is showing off outside the door, if a lock is badly installed and it’s just not solid but moving as you are closing and opening the door and we could go on. These locks are extremely vulnerable to burglar attacks, therefore need to be changed as soon as possible.

These are only some examples out of the many. All in all, watch out, look for locksmiths who did a good job for a friend or family member or check out the reviews online.