Vacation home security tips and advice

The large majority of burglaries happen during the summer holiday season. This means July to August. This is the time of the year when the majority of people like to go on a holiday. Here is a couple of preventative measures you can take, to avoid burglary from happening while you are away.

Be or become part of a neighbourhood- watch program

There are several areas where voluntary neighbourhood watch programs happen, even when it’s only done by a couple of people, this can be extremely helpful for you to join in. Not only you get the chance to help your community, they will help you. There is no watch that’s better than a neighbour watch, especially if your neighbour is at home most of the time and would naturally have an open sight to your home. They can really help you because they can handle your post, water the plants and alert you or the police when something out of the ordinary is happening that’s generally a clear sign of robbery.

Rent a safe at a bank

Make sure even though your home is vulnerable, you don’t have to be in the situation of getting robbed out of your valuables. Rent a safe for anything of high value. This includes jewellery, money on the first place. If you have antiques, make a special insurance on them. Home insurance companies have specific clauses covering antiques and artwork.

Call an MLA approved, certified Bournemouth locksmith service to have all locks checked

A good locksmith service will not want you to change all your locks, as it’s quite an expensive task, but they can give you handy advice relating to safety and in line with home insurers’ requirements, to ensure your locks comply with the standards and they protect your home as best as possible. Experienced locksmith services in Bournemouth can also help you with up to date alarm systems, which are connected with your phone 24/7 and often come with additional camera system too. This way, you can feel totally safe.

Dummy stickers and cameras can also help

Alarm stickers and dummy cameras can easily help you and keep unwanted visitors out. It’s one of the best bluffs ever as most burglars would not want to find out and have no dead sure way to find out whether a camera is working or not. Alarm system stickers, declaring what protection your home is under are also very useful when it comes to home security.

The standard safety measures

Sometimes back to basics is the way to go. Ensure your windows are properly locked including basement windows, make sure your doors are locked and that you don’t leave anything turned on while you are away. There is only one thing worse than burglary, and it’s an accident happening while you are being away causing fire for instance. This is exactly also why home insurance is so important while you are away on your well-deserved holidays.