Vacation tips and tricks

Avoid having to get a Bournemouth locksmith having to visit you right after vacations because of your home getting robbed. When you are away on holidays for not more than a week, it’s not that hard to resolve your home’s safety but more precautions are needed when it comes to being away for a long while, often meaning weeks or even months. Let’s enlist some of the key precautions you can take before travel. Mind you, you may need to start with some of these well before your trip starts to ensure, everything is ready by the time you are ready to take off.

  1. Suspend subscriptions or get friend or family to collect them: it’s wise to contact any subscription services to do a temporary change of address. Posts, magazines and other things piling up in a post box is a sure giveaway for burglars to know you are not at home for a longer period of time.
  2. Hold back from advertising that you are away: unfortunately due to peer pressure it’s not easy to keep our holiday a secret. By this time, the majority of people have learned that it’s not that good a thing to use Facebook’s check-in service (which shows the world you are not at home). Due to the large number of people being robbed exactly because they made that clear they are not at home, today, you won’t see people check in to places anymore. The same should go for the vacation as well. It’s great to post photos, but it’s even better to post them when you got home. This way you won’t serve thieves with this major giveaway.
  3. It’s great if you are friends with one neighbour at least, especially if it’s a neighbour who is at home most of the time and has a clear overview to your home. This can really be as valuable as it gets, as he or she can call you or the police if she notices anything out of the ordinary. You can even ask your neighbour to look out for your home and garden in return for all sorts of gifts which come to your mind. You can also pay this favour back when he or she has to leave somewhere on holidays.
  4. Have an alarm system installed We don’t like alarms because they can be extremely loud (as it’s their job to be so) or due to bad experiences (forgetting the code, not dialling the code in on time) but an alarm can really keep potential burglars away. Today’s systems also work with internet connection letting you know when any extraordinary movement happens in your home.
  5. Basic precautions: Make sure all your locks are well locked and not a window remains open. It’s wise to have your ground floor windows grilled or change the glass to one that withstands attempts of breaking it. The state of doors should also be checked. A good, certified locksmith service in Bournemouth can easily check and make the necessary changes or amendments to your lock and overall safety system.

Make sure of most of these and you can be rest assured your home is waiting for you as a safe haven when returning from holidays.